Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas ! My Gift to all viewers :)

Don't ask why was the delay in posting ?....

Hell lot of work and sleepless nights . Thank god ! I m back to craft again.

I m posting this one day advance just to stay away from Computer and enjoy Christmas :).

It was a Birthday gift for my Friend. A smile repay me all the effort we put in.All Credit goes to Mrs. Nirmala for teaching me this wonderful art of Paper flowers.You too can learn this just let us know.

As promised we are working hard to spread this incredible art and make these flowers available for masses.

Keep Visiting, Keep loving.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Eco Friendly Ganesha ,moulded by 11 Year old Abhay .

He may not have enough money to buy a costly, chemically painted ,inorganic Ganesh Idol, but sure has a talent to make His own Eco friendly version of it.

It make me feel very Sad when i see Chemical paints and plaster of paris used in the idols. 20ft, 30ft what’s going on ??? Is raising height raises any faith?

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I was mesmerized when i saw Abhay trying his best to make Ganesha more beautiful. His passion and dedication defined new meaning of faith for me.

Everyone was so happy looking Abhay's hands molding parts of Lord Ganesha.

His Fan followings (Surely an indication of "Talent" > "Expensive Deodorants" ;) )

 I appeal of the viewer to Go Green, Go Organic , Go Handmade !!!

Happy  Ganesh Chaturthi !! 
Ganapati Bappa Morya !!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Free Paper Flower Making Workshop By Mrs.Nirmala.

To celebrate 400 plus 'likes' on Facebook , Butterfly Handicraft is running a Free One day Paper Flower Making Workshop on 9th Sep 2012(Sunday)

Workshop Details:

No Experience Needed.

No age bar.

Participants will follow step by step process to create a beautiful flowers using Duplex paper.

Venue :

Venue is near to Borivali (15 min from train) @ the most Beautiful place .

Interested Participant can leave a comment on my Facebook page.

Please share it with your friends .

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Go Flamingo !

What a day it is to Relax and Have my TV remote be my slave for rest of the day.

If that's what i call perfect life, i better be a Government Server :).

Lets do some Wild Photography :).

I didn't go catch the bus as i live in wild Surroundings. 2 Min Walk from my Home, Landed me to the destination i dreaming about.

This Reminded me of famous Pangong Lake ( 3 Idiot's one :) )

Sunny day With lot of clouds :)

Its was tougher ahead as i had to go through knee deep mud and water .(But then you can't catch Flamingos on red carpet :))

Look what i got Footprints of Flamingos .

Lets Compare it to Mine .

(They both are of same size :) ).

Lets the click begins .

I wish i could take a closer shot for this one.

Some Great shots .

Evening Its was time to say good bye Flamingos.


Monday, 27 August 2012

My First Try at Card Making .

Never tried Card making before this one and now i feel like i should do more of them :).

It was a part of swap, I and Nirmala was thinking the innovative way of doing it. We had to do with limited number of accessories (Thanks to swap guidelines :) ).

Despite of little fever, Nirmala was keen on finishing it on time .

At last we finished .It was my first card making experience :) .Hope you like it.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wish you a Happy Independence day!

Whenever i watch my flag, i feel proud be an Indian. No better day than independence day to symbolize India's free spirit of India.

Wishing u all a very happy independence Day.

A Colorful Indian Flag Colored Rose for Every Indian Heart.

Celebrating 100 Likes on facebook.

Thank you everyone for being a fan of my Facebook Page!
However,I couldn't have made it here without love of  my fans.A Big Thank you to all of you.
This is a very special moment for us, and we want to share thanks with our loyal viewers and fans.

Thanks again to everyone in the BH community.

A Red Paper Rose to salute your love towards Butterfly Handicraft.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My offering to lord ganesha (Satin ribbon hibiscus)

Festival of Lord Ganesha is coming So I asked Nirmala(My teacher), if we can do something to please him .

She smiled and Said, "It will be my pleasure" .I knew something great is about to take shape :).

In most of the cases she picks up paper but this time she took satin ribbon. Later she asked to get some rice & I was like "Are you sure?". I had no option but to give her everything she asks for. Her next demand was a handkerchief. I was in hurry so I couldn’t help myself asking "Is there anything else you need?" .

She Smiled a big smile and asked to me come in evening. After yet another boring day in my office I revisited her.

This time She gifted me something I couldn't take my eyes off.

It was a flower of hibiscus, "God Ganesha's Favorite flower"

If you need one just comment it below ,I will courier it to you.

Do check below post on
Why is Hibiscus offered to Ganesha

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Handmade Solawood Garland

Mrs. Nirmala (My teacher) thought me another Amazing arrangement .But this time it was not a paper but a wood. Yes It’s called Solawood .I didn't think of creating flower using wood. My first question to my teacher was "How is it possible?" .

After some days Nirmala come up with this wood and I was like ... wow.

The process of making bud is extremely simple and anyone can do it.(will post video tutorial soon).

It all started by creating a single Solawood Jasmine bud.
Paper Flower

After few minutes there were many buds.
Paper Flower
Total 75 buds are needed to create Garland out of it. I did it and it was fun doing it :). At last I finished 75 buds .Did little bit of coloring .
It was a time to tie them together. I handed them over to Nirmala. (You guessed it right)She is the Master Moreover I didn't want to make it worse by tying it myself :).

But there is always a another way of doing it .You give these buds to any garland makers and they will do it for you :) .

Finally I got the beautiful garland made out of Solawood .

Paper Flower

My teacher told me a funny incidence about Solawood garland. Back in 90's, She used to make these garland. At one fine day she decided to give it to her friend .It was her birthday. Her friend took it and wore it for the day. Next day she kept it in fridge thinking it’s a real jasmine garland J . The next day she wore it again. Every day she kept on following the same routine .Two weeks passed and now she started feeling something fishy about it. She asked the teacher and Nirmala revealed the secret :) .

Make it once and use forever. 

I'm inspired by all your comments to craft some more.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Beautiful Handmade Rose.

Yet another beautiful rose i learned from the flower queen(My teacher).

I m inspired by all your comments to craft more.
Please comment if you like it.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

100% Organic Snake (Mr. Snaky).

When teacher asked me to create something 100% percent organic .I was puzzled for a while. I m used to modern craft material like glue, scissors & colors.Creating something which is 100% organic seems almost impossible for the first time. Day passed and nothing happen. The next morning I decided to walk for a while .I was passing by a street and suddenly stopped. Saw a snake like thing.

Eureka ,I got it.
It was a part of The Palmyra Palm tree. I picked it up. Used prayer/rosary beans for eye portion. The difficult part was to stick the beans. Thankfully we have a big drumstick tree. A little cut and I got the glue I was searching for.

In the end Snaky got its final shape.

It was fun playing with it. We were all laughing when Mr. Chameleon got scared of snaky .
I got it captured hope you like it too.

First I placed snaky on top of Drumstick tree(Yes it’s the same tree I got the glue from).

I waited for a while .Here comes Mr. Chameleon.

Mr. Chameleon giving Snaky a look .

Mr. Chameleon getting scared.

After couple of minute Mr. Chameleon wasn't there anymore.

I m inspired by all your comments to craft more.

Please comment if you like it.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Handmade Flower Creeper

I was very excited when Nirmala was going to teach creeper arrangement. Making the leaves was the first mammoth target. Tying flowers together with leaves is also very time consuming. However all the efforts seems worth when I look at the final product. I loved the making of cute little flowers that goes with the creeper.

Here is the Final Product Hope you like it.

Hang them anywhere and they definitely catch your attention. They look great in my bedroom.

I'm inspired by all your comments to craft some more.

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rebirth of Mr George the Biggest tortoise .

Its very sad to hear about loss of George.The biggest tortoise.The only remaining Pinta Island tortoise.
Check out this News.

As Gita says Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Therefore grieve not for what is inevitable.

I was roaming around the farm and look what i got. We Indians believe in rebirth .Is this a rebirth of The great George ? :).

But this time he born the tiniest.

He was so tiny i think my mother's toe is bigger than him.

Look he is seating on top of my chocolate wrapper. 

Friday, 29 June 2012

Beautiful Handmade Sweet pea.

Though its hard to find this beautiful flower anywhere near India.My teacher helped me grow it out of paper.

A lot of hard work and physical strength (Yes You heard it right) is needed to shape it.They are available in lot of colors ranging from red,pink,blue,white and lavender except yellow.

Material Used:
Craft paper ,HEART & HAND

We will be launching some innovative craft products.

If you really like our product , Follow us for next release.

Do comment below .I'm inspired by all your comments to craft some more.
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