Tuesday 17 July 2012

Handmade Solawood Garland

Mrs. Nirmala (My teacher) thought me another Amazing arrangement .But this time it was not a paper but a wood. Yes It’s called Solawood .I didn't think of creating flower using wood. My first question to my teacher was "How is it possible?" .

After some days Nirmala come up with this wood and I was like ... wow.

The process of making bud is extremely simple and anyone can do it.(will post video tutorial soon).

It all started by creating a single Solawood Jasmine bud.
Paper Flower

After few minutes there were many buds.
Paper Flower
Total 75 buds are needed to create Garland out of it. I did it and it was fun doing it :). At last I finished 75 buds .Did little bit of coloring .
It was a time to tie them together. I handed them over to Nirmala. (You guessed it right)She is the Master Moreover I didn't want to make it worse by tying it myself :).

But there is always a another way of doing it .You give these buds to any garland makers and they will do it for you :) .

Finally I got the beautiful garland made out of Solawood .

Paper Flower

My teacher told me a funny incidence about Solawood garland. Back in 90's, She used to make these garland. At one fine day she decided to give it to her friend .It was her birthday. Her friend took it and wore it for the day. Next day she kept it in fridge thinking it’s a real jasmine garland J . The next day she wore it again. Every day she kept on following the same routine .Two weeks passed and now she started feeling something fishy about it. She asked the teacher and Nirmala revealed the secret :) .

Make it once and use forever. 

I'm inspired by all your comments to craft some more.


  1. No words to express my feelings towards your works. I want to salute Nirmala teacher for creating a gem.


  2. Beautiful. I love this.


    1. I m already in love with your greetings :).

  3. Hey Rohan, I'm waitin for the video tutorial for making this jasmine...i tried many times but failed..nedd ur help

    Thanks and btw my mom loved ur work

    1. Thanks Prathiba :) Say My hie to your Mom :). I will try to make video if possible :)


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