Wednesday 25 July 2012

My offering to lord ganesha (Satin ribbon hibiscus)

Festival of Lord Ganesha is coming So I asked Nirmala(My teacher), if we can do something to please him .

She smiled and Said, "It will be my pleasure" .I knew something great is about to take shape :).

In most of the cases she picks up paper but this time she took satin ribbon. Later she asked to get some rice & I was like "Are you sure?". I had no option but to give her everything she asks for. Her next demand was a handkerchief. I was in hurry so I couldn’t help myself asking "Is there anything else you need?" .

She Smiled a big smile and asked to me come in evening. After yet another boring day in my office I revisited her.

This time She gifted me something I couldn't take my eyes off.

It was a flower of hibiscus, "God Ganesha's Favorite flower"

If you need one just comment it below ,I will courier it to you.

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Why is Hibiscus offered to Ganesha

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  1. Ganpati Bappa moriya ! For this one I have no comments. Exceptional great ! Hey I wish my grandfather was alive because I would have definitely gifted him this so that he could offer it to Lord Ganesha. My gradfather always use to wake up early and go to our garden and collect these flowers to offer it to our Lord Ganesha. I want to buy this for sure. Let me know the procedure ?

    1. First of all Thanks for the lovely comment .Even My grandpa was a very spiritual.
      Just mail me the contact details or message me @ facebook.


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