Wednesday 4 July 2012

100% Organic Snake (Mr. Snaky).

When teacher asked me to create something 100% percent organic .I was puzzled for a while. I m used to modern craft material like glue, scissors & colors.Creating something which is 100% organic seems almost impossible for the first time. Day passed and nothing happen. The next morning I decided to walk for a while .I was passing by a street and suddenly stopped. Saw a snake like thing.

Eureka ,I got it.
It was a part of The Palmyra Palm tree. I picked it up. Used prayer/rosary beans for eye portion. The difficult part was to stick the beans. Thankfully we have a big drumstick tree. A little cut and I got the glue I was searching for.

In the end Snaky got its final shape.

It was fun playing with it. We were all laughing when Mr. Chameleon got scared of snaky .
I got it captured hope you like it too.

First I placed snaky on top of Drumstick tree(Yes it’s the same tree I got the glue from).

I waited for a while .Here comes Mr. Chameleon.

Mr. Chameleon giving Snaky a look .

Mr. Chameleon getting scared.

After couple of minute Mr. Chameleon wasn't there anymore.

I m inspired by all your comments to craft more.

Please comment if you like it.


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