Friday 29 June 2012

Beautiful Handmade Sweet pea.

Though its hard to find this beautiful flower anywhere near India.My teacher helped me grow it out of paper.

A lot of hard work and physical strength (Yes You heard it right) is needed to shape it.They are available in lot of colors ranging from red,pink,blue,white and lavender except yellow.

Material Used:
Craft paper ,HEART & HAND

We will be launching some innovative craft products.

If you really like our product , Follow us for next release.

Do comment below .I'm inspired by all your comments to craft some more.


  1. Dear Rohan... Very superb... its amazing i should say.. you can visit my blog here

    i am following yours. if you really like my crafts, please follow me.. take care..

    1. Thanks Riya
      You are most welcome to Butterfly Handicraft family :).

  2. I love your sweet pea. They are so real looking, It drive me crazy how many people make sweet peas and they have no idea what they look like. I would love to make them. Have you thought of making hollyhocks?

    I'm entering paper flowers at our county fair next week. I hope it will inspire others to try the art of making flowwrs.

    1. Lois We will make hollyhocks but the problem is we are not getting suitable paper matching the shades .

      Thanks, Keep Visiting.

  3. I loved to find your blog. The ancient art of crepe flowers is very please for me, as my grandma used to make such and teached a little for me. Thank you very much for the revival!! Show us much!!!

    1. THanks Rosangela, I will try my best to spread this art .Appreciation like this is a energy drink for me.


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