Sunday 2 September 2012

Go Flamingo !

What a day it is to Relax and Have my TV remote be my slave for rest of the day.

If that's what i call perfect life, i better be a Government Server :).

Lets do some Wild Photography :).

I didn't go catch the bus as i live in wild Surroundings. 2 Min Walk from my Home, Landed me to the destination i dreaming about.

This Reminded me of famous Pangong Lake ( 3 Idiot's one :) )

Sunny day With lot of clouds :)

Its was tougher ahead as i had to go through knee deep mud and water .(But then you can't catch Flamingos on red carpet :))

Look what i got Footprints of Flamingos .

Lets Compare it to Mine .

(They both are of same size :) ).

Lets the click begins .

I wish i could take a closer shot for this one.

Some Great shots .

Evening Its was time to say good bye Flamingos.



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